Honey Roll-on Body Refill

Do not apply to the groin, armpits or face. Developed exclusively for use in appliance or electric heater. Apply the Depilsam pre-waxing lotion to the area to be shaved to remove oil, sweat and cosmetic product residues. Wait for drying. With clean and dry skin, start waxing. Remove the seal from the head. Fit the refill to the electric heater. Switch on the device and wait approximately 30 minutes. Turn the heater upside down and wait a few moments so that the roll’on can rotate freely. Check that the temperature is adequate by placing a small amount in the palm of your hand. Apply the product forming a strip of wax in the direction of hair growth. The faster the roll’on passes, the thinner the wax layer will be, which will allow for better hair removal. Place the Depilsam waxing fabric over the wax. Apply a little pressure to increase the grip. Keep the skin taut with one hand and with the other pull the fabric in a single, rapid movement in the opposite direction of hair growth. Important: stretch the skin well before pulling the wax. Never try to shave everything at once. Use the wax on the handkerchief to make touch-ups. Apply the Depilsam post-waxing remover over the region to remove the wax residues. Use the Depilsam post-waxing gel to soften and refresh the skin.

Before using, read the instructions on the label. Before starting to wax, the skin must be free of oil, sweat and residues of cosmetic products. This product has been tested and is suitable for its intended use, however skin sensitization may occur. Do not apply on mucous membranes or in regions close to it (nipples and genital or perianal region), on skin wounds, inflammations and irritations. Do not apply the product if you are participating in specific medical treatment for the skin. It is important to observe the size of the hair before waxing. It must be between 3 to 5 mm. Do not apply the product in less than 15 days in the same region. If the shaved area shows redness, avoid exposure to the sun. Do not leave applied for longer than the instructions for use. Do not use the product more than twice in the same place during waxing and if any hair remains, remove with tweezers. Before or after waxing, do not use deodorants, perfumes or other alcoholic solutions in the shaved area as it may cause irritation. Inappropriate use for children and pregnant women. Do not use for shaving purposes. Keep out of the reach of children. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water, seek medical advice. Do not ingest. Keep the product in a cool and ventilated place, avoid excessive heat. External use.

Privacy Policy

To guarantee your satisfaction, Depilsam has created a Privacy Policy, which we clarify below. Any questions, send us an email: sac@danacosmeticos.com.br. Depilsam’s Privacy Policy was created to demonstrate its commitment to the privacy and security of information collected from users of interactive services offered on the Depilsam website.

1. What personal data will be treated by Depilsam?
Depilsam may collect the information actively entered by you, the “user”, at the time of contact, by filling in the contact form or by the newsletter, as well as information collected automatically when using our services. Thus, there is the treatment of two types of personal data: (i) those provided by the user and (ii) those collected automatically by Depilsam.

1.1. Personal Data Provided by the User
Depilsam collects all personal data entered or forwarded actively by the user when contacting on our website. They are: Full name, sex, email, date of birth and full address. Regardless of what personal data the user actively provides to Depilsam, we will only use those that are actually relevant and necessary to achieve the purposes stated to it in the data collection.

1.2. Data collected automatically by Depilsam
Depilsam automatically collects a series of information on the user interaction website, such as: characteristics of the access device, browser, IP (with date and time), IP source, information on clicks, pages accessed, among others. For such collection, Depilsam will use some standard technologies, such as cookies, pixel tags, beacons and local shared objects, which are used for the purpose of improving your browsing experience on our website, according to your habits and preferences.

1.3. For what purposes Depilsam will treat your data?
The personal data processed by Depilsam have as main purposes the possibility of the user to know the offer of products of Depilsam and the supply of information via contact form.

2. Newsletter
Depilsam will store data such as your name and email. The goal is to be able to provide you, as a user, with the most relevant and personalized information about our news and updates about our products. This type of data is deleted from our records once a year. However, the company has certain legal obligations under, for example, accounting requirements, taxes and consumer laws that may require us to retain certain parts of your personal information. Depilsam has the right to send you information about the news of our products. The subscription is free and can be terminated at any time.

2.1. Information sharing
Depilsam will not, without your consent, pass any information about the user to third parties, unless required by law.

3. What are and how Depilsam uses cookies technology?
Cookies are files or information that can be stored on your devices when you visit the Depilsam website. Generally, a cookie contains the name of the website that originated it, its lifetime and a value, which is generated randomly.
Depilsam uses cookies to facilitate use and better adapt its website and applications to the interests and needs of its users, as well as to assist and improve its structure and content. Cookies can also be used to speed up your future activities and experiences on our services.
Through cookies, the website stores information about browser activities, including IP address and the page accessed. These activity records (logs) will only be used for statistical and metrics purposes of the services provided or for the investigation of fraud or undue changes in their systems and records, not having the purpose of providing the data to third parties without the user’s express authorization.
These records may include data such as the user’s IP address, the actions performed on the site, the pages accessed, the dates and times of each action and access to each page of the site, information about the device used, operating system version, browser, among other installed applications.